How It Works

Now you can plow your drive, remove the plow and be on your way in minutes. It's easy with the HomePlow by Meyer.

Easy On, Easy Off with Quick-Link™

The HomePlow connects with Quick-Link™: an easy-to-use component that slides into a Class 3, 2-inch front receiver hitch.
It has a small hydraulic power unit for power-up/gravity-down operation. Integrated mounting wheels let you attach or remove the plow in less than a minute, leaving no visible hardware behind.

Quick Link System


Home Plow remote control
Up, Down, Right, Left…
From the Comfort of Your Driver's Seat
As the only fully automated snow plow on the market for less that $3,000, the HomePlow allows users to control all operations from the warmth, comfort and safety of their vehicles. While the blade and hardware are nearly the same on all versions of the HomePlow, new for 2011-12 are three power options for controlling the plow blade:
  1. Electrically-Powered Lift with Wireless Control & Auto-Angle Model #24000.
  2. Hydraulically-Powered Lift with Both Wireless
    and Wired Controllers & Auto-Angle
    Model #25000.
  3. Hydraulically-Powered Lift Model #26000.

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Auto Angling

The Auto-Angling system senses the weight of the snow and automatically angles to push snow off to the side. Or, if you prefer, you can lock the plow in the direction you want.


Easy to Manueuver and Store
You can detach the HomePlow in less than a minute, and the caster wheel make it easy to roll it to wherever you want to store it. When not in use, the HomePlow's compact design and caster wheels make it easy to store. The wheels also make it easy to position the plow when attaching or detaching from the vehicle.
Integrated caster wheels